Our Services

Needs Assessment

We provide a comprehensive assessment report of your health and social care needs specifically identifying the impact of your disability on your ability to carry out activities of everyday living, we focus on the areas broadly identified in Whole Person Approach. As part of the assessment process we make recommendations and devise a care and support plan explaining how the needs identified can be met.

Treatment &  Case Management

We discuss the outcome of the assessment.  The client identifies their goals and decides what they want to achieve. They determine the outcome of any occupational therapy intervention.  The number of sessions/weeks required to achieve your goals are agreed with the Occupational Therapist.  The treatment phase is also known as case management




  • Accessible housing design, major and minor adaptations e.g. equipment provision, such as bath hoists, boards, raised toilet seats, grab rails, shower/wet rooms, kitchens, ramps and stair lifts
Mother and Son at Table Working

Education and Training

  • Education and training e.g. life skills training and personal development courses such as change management anxiety management, time management, communication skills, assertiveness training, social skills, and budgeting . We support clients to access courses
Social, Spiritual, Cultural

Social, Spiritual and Cultural

  • We can support people to access local community services to engage in activities they enjoy e.g hobbies we take into consideration cultural and spiritual needs
  • Support clients to use public transport or arrange community transport services
Finance and Money

Finance and Money

  • We can support clients to optimise their income, and claim benefits that they are entitled to such as Personal independence Payment, and the Disabled Facilities Grants
Parenting Caring

Parent or caring relationships

  • We help you to identify the impact of your disability on your role as parent or carer and on your relationships in general. We can  support you to be resilient
Work And Occupation

Work and Occupation

  • We can liaise with your employer to retain you in work and make adjustments to the work environment. We support clients to achieve their optimal performance in all activities of every daily living
Personal Care

Personal Care and Physical Wellbeing

  • We offer advice on managing everyday tasks, such as personal care and safe mobility around your home
  • We can recommend specialist equipment to help you with activities, such as getting in and out of the bath or on and off the toilet, or assistive technology

Medical and Other Forms of Treatment

  • We can liaise with your doctor or other professionals involved in your care to ensure that you get the care and support you  need, such as physical health investigations or psychological therapies

We Work With Organisations

Local Authorities

  • We work with local authorities to reduce waiting lists for major and minor adaptations
  • We can carry out needs assessments and establish care and support plans working with local authorities to assist them to fulfil their responsibilities under the Care Act

NHS hospitals and Community Teams

  • We work with NHS hospitals to facillitate safe discharge planning  from hospital and prevent re-admission
  • We also provide inpatient activity programmes

Primary Care

  • We work with GP surgeries to carry out health promotion strategies supporting clients to maintain healthy lifestyles which may include implementing exercise routines, weight management strategies, and nutritional/dietary advise
  • We can support patients to engage in meaningful occupations. We can offer group sessions such as anxiety/stress management or 1:1 sessions offering coaching sessions working with individuals to set goals, build self esteem and motivation to effect positive change.

Residential Care Homes/Supported Living Placements

  • We can work with care homes and supported living placements to improve quality of care. We can provide support to improve care planning,
  • We can provide a range of assessments for clients with dementia, and other mental health and physical health conditions
  • We can supply and install equipment as required