• All our Occupational Therapists are registered with the Health and Care Profession Council (HCPC). We may at times have students or support workers working under direct supervision of a qualified Occupational Therapist
  • All staff making recommendations for equipment and minor adaptations are certified Trusted Assessors
  • All staff are DBS Checked
  • We use qualified builders and registered trades people when undertaking minor and major adaptations in your home.


  • We take complaints seriously. If you feel it necessary to complain, where possible we advise that all complaints are put in writing. We aim to respond to all complaints within a week. You will receive a written response to your complaint.
  • All complaints should be addressed to Sharon Callender, the Managing Director of the Company :


  • We actively encourage our customers to give us feedback about the service they receive as we are committed to ensuring continuous improvement in the delivery of our services


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College of Occupational Therapists | Fact Sheet Mental Health PDF
Occupational therapists facilitate recovery for those with mental health problems.
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College of Occupational Therapists | GP Services PDF
The Contribution of Occupational Therapy to GP Services.
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College of Occupational Therapists | Evidence Social Care PDF
Occupational therapists adding value within social care.
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College of Occupational Therapists | Public Health PDF
Occupational therapists have a role in many aspects of public health and health promotion.
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Department of Health | The Care Act
There are lots of different laws on care and support. This makes it difficult to know what care and support you could get. The Care Act will bring them together to make just one new law instead.